Riff + Fill: “S–, jumping .. off the actual ground”

S–, jumping .. off the actual ground his delight .. his unbridled love of his body .. making it move fast or shouting with it or the sundry smells that come from it and declaring (loudly) those smells STINKY! is true true heartfelt delight for this boy who is nominally “mine” but he feels so strange to me — not that he is strange .. that he exists is strange .. that he stares into the middle distance the way I have always done and the million ways he looks and acts familiar but still .. how he is a foreign creature and how I find him perfect


Editor’s Note: Riffs + Fills are short, focused free writes (usually) using a resonant item / image from a recent list of 30 Things I Love Right Now (this one comes from May 17, item #16). The allusion is musical. The energy is improvisational, unfussy. I do it to say I have picked up the instrument that day, if only for a short time.

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