30 Things I Love Right Now (06/01/20)

  1. S–, always. 
  2. “Next is the number 7! Next is the number 8! Next…”
  3. Next (now) is the number two. (HBD, S–, ILY)
  4. A quiet morning.
  5. A clean-shaven neck .. the idea of one, potential, in the near-ish future.
  6. Thicker skin.
  7. How making this list can sometimes be hard, and that helps me not look away from what’s hard about it.
  8. Cheesy radio (still).
  9. The lessons I’m learning from losing things.
  10. This blog commonplace.
  11. How I associate that term (commonplace) with M. Ondaatje, I think from The English Patient, which is (I’m pretty sure) the novel that truly made me want to write novels. 
  12. Ceiling fan + A/C on a sunburn.
  13. Science.
  14. Masks.
  15. Trying.
  16. Putting my money where my mouth is.
  17. The difference between humility + humiliation.
  18. Brussels sprouts.
  19. “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac.
  20. Rumours (ibid).
  21. J–, always.
  22. The Lord’s Prayer.
  23. Forgiveness. 
  24. Re-thinking the process-to-product ratio.
  25. Re-thinking what a product is.
  26. Renewing what my process is (please see #15 + #16 above).
  27. Realizing just now that somehow #17’s in there somewhere too.
  28. A blank slate.
  29. No one keeping score.
  30. What I should’ve been doing all along.

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