30 Things I Love Right Now (06/08/20)

  1. Sad Seal also ..
  2. Odd Otter
  3. Writing poems for Change
  4. Equal Justice Initiative
  5. Alabama Arise
  6. “Flagship”
  7. Brief burst of working, making
  8. Knowing when to stfu
  9. Knowing when not to
  10. S–‘s new raised-bed garden
  11. His new kiddie pool too
  12. Reminiscing abt 70s/80s DC-area sports
  13. Second week of Trying
  14. Writing, the hobby
  15. Shedding what isn’t true (trying to)
  16. Fixing the door wrong
  17. Knowing it could be right
  18. Having an idea for how to make it right
  19. Amanda Shires fiddle solos
  20. How a good text thread beats a Twitter any day
  21. Mayor Woodfin
  22. Learning abt drill bits
  23. Eating the same thing every day
  24. Permission to stop trying
  25. “Last of My Kind”
  26. Listening to the same music every day
  27. Permission to find grooves
  28. Permission to involve* myself
  29. A cool bath in the evening
  30. Calling almost everything I write a prayer. Because that’s what it is.

(*This was an auto-correct that I’ve decided to keep. Original word: “ungroove”)

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