30 Things I Love Write Now (06/15/20)

  1. Staycation
  2. Joan Didion, namely:
  3. Slouching Toward Bethlehem
  4. Pea gravel
  5. A (new) cheap laptop
  6. High Top Mountain +
  7. Metamodern Sound in Country Music +
  8. A Sailor’s Guide to Earth +
  9. Sound & Fury, which is to say ..
  10. How one thing leads to the next
  11. That John Prine tribute on You Tube, in particular: 
  12. “Paradise” by Jack Prine and Tommy Prine
  13. “Speed of the Sound of Loneliness” by Sturgill Simpson (duh, I guess)
  14. Also the stuff by Isbell and Shires (ibid: duh) + Todd Snider + Eric Church
  15. Reading Joan Didion and Virginia Woolf re: notebooks / commonplaces
  16. A good ceiling fan (even a mediocre one will do)
  17. Pickles
  18. Hot dogs on the grill on a summer day
  19. Also ice pops + baked beans (not in that order)
  20. Oak Mountain
  21. Sleeping in (sort of)
  22. Surprise Sunday supper (thanks, J–)
  23. That new jar of raspberry jam that’s not too sweet
  24. S–‘s new car
  25. I Can Read with My Eyes Shut
  26. How S– says it: “I cuh ree my EYES! shut”
  27. Just listening
  28. Just reading
  29. Just sitting
  30. Just thinking


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