Tuesday Is Try Day

We’re chugging along, in Week #3 of our weekly schedule. Of making, and (through the making) processing (not necessarily producing). Of effort + experimentation (as described in Try 101: The Manifesto).

Here’s this week’s creative plan:

Prep + Mise en Place

(1) Write a list of 30 things you love right now. If you’re feeling generous, share it in the comments section. If you don’t feel like sharing, that’s understandable. Sometimes not sharing makes it easier to write what you’re really feeling.


(2) For your journal or commonplace:

  • Revisit your preoccupations from a couple of weeks ago. Which are still going strong? Which have dropped off? Pick one (either kind — one that still has its grip on you or one that’s lost it) and make a new list. What things — specific things: nouns, verbs — do you associate with it?
  • Do a short, focused free write (aka: riff + fill) that includes three to five of the words on your new list.

(3) Here’s this week’s (nonfiction) prompt:

  • Explanatory Essay. Write an essay that explains how something works or how something happened. You can take the opportunity to be humorous and/or ironic or you can be just as earnest and straight-ahead as you want to be.

If You’re Bored or Stuck

  • Start a dream journal. Try to keep it up for at least a week.

All of these prompts are to be found in the Try 101 syllabus, an open-source plan for living your most creative life. Happy trying.

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