30 Things I Love Right Now (06/22/20)

  1. Helping S– sleep
  2. Hiking at Oak Mountain State Park
  3. Highway 25, south of Montevallo
  4. Reading about the Sixties
  5. PBJ
  6. Ribs (low + slow)
  7. Mustard slaw
  8. My new self-care by Sun sign book
  9. How S– says, “Oh, hello!”
  10.  How that one time he said, “Ahoy, matey!” .. which is kind of the same thing but not
  11. Writing numbers for S– on his new chalkboard
  12. Writing letters there too
  13. And shapes
  14. Math
  15. The compost seems to be breaking down properly
  16. The cucumber plant is doing well
  17. Known by Salt by Tina Mozelle Braziel
  18. Stephen McClurg author interviews
  19. Week #4 in the new process
  20. The previous three weeks too
  21. Sweating (sometimes)
  22. Compartmentalizing
  23. Letting go
  24. Trying to feel more
  25. White noise and a cool fan in a darkened room in the summertime
  26. Reading about Sacramento (Joan Didion’s hometown: “Perhaps in retrospect this has been a story not about Sacramento at all, but about the things we lose and the promises we break as we grow older…” )
  27. Writing on a hand-held device, which is almost like handwriting in terms of pacing, how it slows the rate of thought
  28. So many recent encounters with animals. Owls, rabbits, lizards, frogs, spiders, bats, hawks, turtles .. (o my)
  29. 30 things really is a practice .. the more I do it, the quicker it comes, the deeper and more nuanced the connections to what I’ve felt, seen, done in the past week
  30. Marlins! On my blue socks! (Connections! Animals!)

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