Tuesday Is Try Day

Starting Week #4 of my / “our” weekly endeavor of effort + experimentation (as described in Try 101: The Manifesto).

Here’s this week’s creative plan invitation(s):

Prep + Mise en Place

(1) Write a list of 30 things you love right now. If you’re feeling generous, share your list in the comments section. I’d love to see what you love right now.


(2) For your journal or commonplace:

  • Fill a page—the WHOLE page—in your notebook with the names of places in the world where you’ve NEVER been. Be imaginative and specific. Peru is a place. So is Lima. So is the inside of a blue whale’s ear. Write big. Write small. Write in all kinds of different directions on the page. Maybe also in different colors. If you feel like it.
  • Do a short, focused free write (aka: riff + fill) about one of the places you’ve never been. Maybe it’s a stream-of-consciousness / imaginary travelogue?

(3) Here’s this week’s (nonfiction) prompt:

  • Experiential Essay. Write about a unique experience you’ve had, preferably something you did with the express intention of writing about it later. (Disclaimer: Don’t do anything dangerous or illegal.)

If You’re Bored or Stuck

  • Write out the five hardest things about right now. What’s useful about what sucks?

All of these prompts are to be found in the Try 101 syllabus, an open-source plan for living your most creative life. I’m taking the next year to complete the syllabus and share the results. I’d love to have some company along the way!

Happy trying.

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