30 Things I Love Right Now (06/29/20)

  1. Finishing a book (reading it, I mean)
  2. Starting a book (ibid)
  3. Zucchini blossoms
  4. Tomatoes on the vine
  5. Grass seedlings
  6. Coleslaw (homemade)
  7. Cabbage, generally
  8. Fermentation and pickling
  9. A middle grade book
  10. Cheeseburgers
  11. Chocolate cake
  12. Ice pops
  13. Basically indulging my inner twelve-year-old self
  14. My bushy quarantine beard
  15. Fantasies of living abroad, namely:
  16. Denmark
  17. Japan (Hokkaido)
  18. When social media yields a pat on the back
  19. Continuing to let go of old ideas of “success”
  20. Realizing how much external validation I seek / have sought
  21. Realizing how precarious that pursuit can be
  22. Pursuing another course (trying to)
  23. Keeping my commitments (trying to)
  24. S–‘s “sun’s out / guns out” shirts
  25. S– being sweet to Snoopy
  26. S– being sweet to Marilyn
  27. S– being silly
  28. Digging into the ground
  29. It’s still June
  30. A rhythm to the days

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