30 Things I Love Right Now (07/06/20)

  1. That, while these 30 Things lists seem to get harder and harder to write these past few weeks, I keep writing them
  2. That, when I type “30” on my device, auto-reply offers “Things”
  3. That, when I select “Things,” auto-reply offers “I”
  4. That, when I select “I,” auto-reply offers “Love”
  5. That, when I select “Love,” auto-reply offers “Right”
  6. That, when I select “Right,” auto-reply offers “Now”Now
  7. Which is to say: evidence of a good habit revived
  8. The last chapter of Ender’s Game (albeit a problematic book, problematic author) ..
  9. Which is to say: the promise of redemption
  10. Letting myself take an extension
  11. Following up and “turning it in”
  12. “Free” books on my device
  13. Writing drafts of things on my device
  14. My device, I suppose
  15. Typing, though, I love that too (not just hunt + peck)
  16. Grass, actually growing
  17. Remembering to water that small patch of new, growing grass .. every day
  18. Brushing bugs off the tomato plant with a little paint brush
  19. How much S– loves water
  20. Finding a whole forgotten bottle of Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle shampoo in the bathroom cabinet
  21. Hand sanitizer (still)
  22. Masks (still)
  23. Having folded my laundry
  24. Folding S–‘s laundry
  25. Peppermint essential oil
  26. Reading (again) about my natal chart
  27. Getting good news from a manuscript consultation client (i.e., the story eventually found a home [and an audience] in a great venue)
  28. Morning time, to sit with a cup of coffee and my 30 Things (I .. Love .. Right .. Now ..)
  29. That 30 Things serves its purpose, especially when it’s hard to do
  30. That I’ll be doing one next week at this time, come hell or high water

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