Try 101 Progress Report: The First Five Weeks (06/01/20 – 07/03/20)

Prep + Mise en Place (Pre-writing)

Since June 1, I’ve made five lists of 30 Things I Love Right Now:

I wrote down my creative preoccupations for June and then revisited them mid-month.

I made a list of places where I’ve never been and places where I have been.

I did five focused free-writes using some of the material above as touchstones. I was pleasantly surprised to find that one or two of the free-writes seem like embryonic drafts of something more formed, so I might think about revising them at some point.

Prompts (Generative Writing)

I drafted five short personal essays based on the prompts in the nonfiction section of the Try 101 syllabus. I like some of the drafts more than others, but all of them are probably worth revising later on in the “semester.”

Summary (Self-Assessment)

Very proud of myself, frankly. June’s been a hard month for the planet, for everyone, for quite a few reasons (global, local, personal) — and, as an earthling on Planet Earth, that certainly includes me. And yet I’ve made it through the first five weeks only using one extension, which I have already made good on. And I really like a lot of the writing I’ve done. I’m also really encouraged that this is an approach to the creative process that feels like it can work for me, especially as I try to re-imagine what my creative process is, why I’m doing it, and what I want to make from it. Onward, upward, and gold stars all around.

If you’re playing along at home, congrats, keep going, and think about sharing something you’ve created during the “semester,” either through the comments section on one of my posts or zap me a line through the Contacts page.

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