30 Things I Love Right Now (07/13/20)

  1. Hamilton
  2. Vestiges of live theater
  3. Walter Mercado
  4. Remembering my mother
  5. Feeling a little closer to her history
  6. My sis
  7. Clean bills of health
  8. Walking uphill
  9. The Lion King (original version)
  10. Cultural capital
  11. Staying busy in stressful times
  12. Forging a process that renews…
  13. Trying, that is
  14. Making lunch for S–
  15. Successfully jump-starting J–‘s car
  16. (Small triumphs, that is)
  17. Reading for discovery
  18. Reading for self-improvement
  19. Reading for pleasure
  20. Reading for S–, which is all of the above and then some
  21. Coloring
  22. Drawing
  23. Making shapes
  24. A good downpour
  25. Thunder
  26. Leveling with myself
  27. Nap time
  28. An old school thermometer
  29. Three minutes as an eternity
  30. Fleeting moments of hopefulness

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