Tuesday Is Try Day

​Another week, another set of creative prompts (as described in Try 101: The Manifesto).

Here’s this week’s agenda; as always, you are invited to play along:

Prep + Mise en Place

(1) Write a list of 30 things you love right now. If you’re feeling generous, share your list in the comments section. I’d love to see what you love right now.

(2) For your journal or commonplace:

  • Interview yourself. Write out the questions and the answers. Make it a back-and-forth, where the interviewer (you) works off the responses of the interviewee (also you) in an organic, extemporaneous way. If you want to pick up where you left off with your last interview, that’s fine. Or you can just start another one.
  • Do a short, focused free write (aka: riff + fill) about some surprising or evocative aspect of your self-interview.


(3) Here’s this week’s (nonfiction) prompt:

  • Photo Essay. Make a photo essay of a relatively common place — someplace a lot of other people wouldn’t really find beautiful. Write an companion essay-ish shard sort of thing, in which you bombard the page with all your linguistic/lyrical powers. Make it “artsy.” Make it beautiful.

If You’re Bored or Stuck

  • Go outside. Count the stars. Follow some ants. Run in the rain. Lie down in a field, look up, stare at the clouds. Try to notice things that aren’t trying to be noticed.

All of these prompts (and then some) are to be found in the Try 101 syllabus, an open-source plan for living your most creative life. I’m taking the next year to complete the syllabus and share the results. I’d love to have some company along the way!

Happy trying.

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