30 Things I Love Right Now: Midsummer

(1) Bacon. (2) Garlic. (3) The Rolling Stones. (4) How #1 – #3 pretty much indicate that I am a reasonable human being on Planet Earth, the result of several hundred thousand (million, really) years of evolution in Universal Consciousness. (5) But seriously: the Stones. How they are the bacon and also garlic of rock-and-roll music. A lot, of course, has been made of the debate — Stones or Beatles (tres bien ensemble!) — but there’s no debate. The Stones are the Greatest Rock-and-Roll Band of All Time. The Beatles are the Greatest too, but they are the Greatest Something Else. Not at all lesser than the Stones. Probably somehow greater. But give the devil his sympathy/due. (6) The Shoals Region of the Great (yes Great) State of Alabama. (7) Pilgrimage. (8) Junkets. (9) Bunyan’s BBQ on West College Street in Florence, Alabama. Amen, Slaw Dog. Amen. (10) Diane. (11) Eric. (12) Black Lawrence Press. (13) J–. Always. (14) S–. Always. (15) My therapist. (Okay, fine: always.) (16) My sister. Always. Definitely. (17) AWC. (18) Vulnerability. (19) Marc P! Always! (20) My garden. (21) My compost pile. (22) The cardinals (and other avian creatures) that zoom and zip out back. And washing dishes and watching them. (23) The Tennessee River. (24) Zooming across said river of an evening (corn and cotton fields in the rearview, slowly dying midsummer sun etc), slow sweet exhale, hallelujah and just plain ah… (25) Bricks. (26) The prospect of bricklaying. How badly I want to do this and, knowing me, how… (27) I will do this. (28) I said the Stones right? Good lord. Every. Effing. Song. (29) Getting things done. (30) Andrew Huberman.