TJ Beitelman is a manuscript consultation wizard. After winning the Juniper Prize for Fiction, I discovered what I’m sure, on some level, I already knew: the process of writing books didn’t get any easier or less isolated. I entrusted TJ with two of my subsequent manuscripts—a linked collection and a novel—and I soon realized he’s a polymath. He enters a text with a poet’s eye to rhythm, a prose writer’s sense of story, an essayist’s desire to clarify, and a vast knowledge of more subjects than a curious centenarian could’ve accumulated in a lifetime. This cornucopia of skills allows him to connect ideas and see patterns that narratively exist in a text, but that aren’t being tackled as powerfully as they could be. Like all great editors, his suggestions serve to deepen the whole. And if this were not enough, he’s also that rare human who has figured out how not to let his taste and preconceptions effect how he reads and comments. His imagination, generosity, and sense of humor seem to be in exquisite balance, making reading his manuscript notes an education and a pleasure.
Janice Margolis, author of Termination Shocks,
winner of the Juniper Prize for Fiction 


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