Write Mindfulness is a DIY guide to writing for the right reasons, written by me, a recovering MFA. It’s designed to help writers of all backgrounds develop a more sustainable and sustaining writing practice. It will help you figure out why you write, who you’re (really) writing for, and how to maintain a better balance between your creative process and the writing projects it produces.

[You can download a free, no-bones PDF copy of the guide by clicking here.]

When you subscribe to the Write Mindfulness Project mailing list here, you’ll get an expanded version of the guide, which includes a ten-week syllabus with a weekly regimen of sequenced prompts to help you pre-write, draft, and then revise. Subscribers also receive a free quarterly communique of prompts and creative inspiration, and they’re eligible for substantial discounts on editorial services, one-on-one coaching, and workshops (see below). Because it’s a lot easier to do-it-yourself when you don’t have to do it all yourself.

One-on-One Coaching & Consulting

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