Write Mindfulness is a do-it-yourself guide to writing for the right reasons, written by me, a recovering MFA. It’s designed to help writers of all backgrounds develop a more sustainable and sustaining writing practice. It will help you figure out why you write, who you’re (really) writing for, and how to maintain a better balance between your creative process and the writing projects it produces. There’s also a ten-week syllabus with a weekly regimen of sequenced prompts to help you pre-write, draft, and then revise.

You can get a free PDF copy of the guide by subscribing to the Write Mindfulness Project here. Subscribers also receive a free monthly newsletter of prompts and creative inspiration, and they’re eligible for substantial discounts on editorial services, one-on-one coaching, and workshops (see below). And, because it’s a lot easier to do-it-yourself when you don’t have to do it all yourself, I offer the following add-on features to the program:

Half-Day In-Person Workshop

This is an informal, generative group workshop that focuses on helping you get words on the page while discovering your current creative preoccupations. All half-day workshop participants receive a copy of the Write Mindfulness guide and tasty noshes to keep you fueled for the duration. Minimum participants: 3 | Maximum participants: 20

Coming soon: dates and registration information.

Weekly Virtual Workshop

Ideal for anyone who wants to dive deeper into the Write Mindfulness approach to practice, process, and projects. Each week, participants will read and respond to exemplary texts, establish a regular practice of pre-writing, and generate lots of new writing. Towards the end of the workshop, participants will share some of their work and receive feedback from the group. Participants will also meet with me one-on-one three times during the ten-week workshop — once at the beginning, once in the middle, and once at the end — to discuss any and all aspects of their individual writing practice, process, and projects. Includes one-on-one instructor feedback on two pieces written for the workshop. Minimum participants: 5 | Maximum participants: 12 | Click here for a sample syllabus.

Coming soon: dates and registration information.

Weekend Revision Retreat

Shifting focus from generating new material to refining early drafts that show promise, this intensive weekend retreat offers participants a chance to get (and to give) in-depth feedback on works in progress. Includes one-on-one instructor feedback on the material shared with the group. Min/Max participants: 4-6

One-on-One Coaching & Consulting

Any of the above workshops and retreats can be tailored to the needs and nuances of an individual writer. Hourly, weekly, or flat-rate quotes available.

For a list of editorial consulting fees, click here.