30 Things I Love Right Now: Joon [Benny +]*

(1) My house. Outside + Inside. (2) My wife. (3) My son. (4) How I referenced a cultural phenomenon using various forms of punctuation and spelling up there in the title line and how said cultural phenomenon connects me with my sister, whom… (5) I love right now and always. (6) The summer — respite — has finally, finally started. (7) G*d-dang this has been a hard 8 or 9 months. But also there have been so many joys. (8) My new spectacle frames. And they are a spectacle. (9) Russell Brand. (“No one gets better from being judged.” Hear, hear!) (10) IRH. (11) AMJ. (12) JCJ. (13) DBH. (14) SWF. (15) Cannonball moments. (16) Different days. (17) Shoalsfest. On my birthday. (18) Rice and beans. (19)She’s the One” by Bruce Springsteen. (20) BMA. (21) Pushback. And pushing back. (22) A gas stove. (23) A panini press. (24) Prepping the soil. (25)Your Song” by Elton John. (A big house where we both could live!!) (26) TSL. (27) Potions. (28) Traveling shows. (29) My song. A gift. (Wait. What gift? What song?) (30) Anthony Bourdain still. (Always.)