30 Things I Love Right Now: May 6, 2020

  1. Kid A
  2. OK Computer
  3. Remembering how good the Radioheads are
  4. The moon last night
  5. The moon tonight
  6. Cliches, e.g. Poets love the moon
  7. But seriously the moon was showing off these last two nights
  8. Remembering how, in tougher times (for me personally) not all that long ago, literally all I ever listened to was Radiohead. Now is not then (Hat Tip: @havi) and (now) I can still love Radiohead. Win and win.
  9. Dancing with S– to Wilco’s “Impossible Germany”
  10. Trace by Son Volt
  11. I started writing this essay about John Prine and it really sucks and probably isn’t salvageable but that’s okay: it’s just to draw closer, to lean in, to know something I didn’t know before
  12. Steel-cut oats
  13. I lost my two thumb drives with all the latest iterations of my viable works in progress;
  14. I can write anything now;
  15. Or nothing.
  16. What if I wrote nothing. Ever again.
  17. Or what if I just wrote what I really thought.
  18. And put it here? (If a tree falls in the woods and no one’s around to hear it…)
  19. Asking myself questions. With Thom Yorke warbling in the background.
  20. Talking in maths.
  21. (Phew for a minute there…)
  22. Losing myself
  23. J– surprising me with a plate of pancakes for lunch when I told her I would need to work through lunch today
  24. J–‘s braids
  25. Breeze thru kitchen window
  26. Longing for Bunyan’s BBQ in Florence, AL
  27. Makeshift arrabiatta
  28. My final bellyache
  29. No alarms
  30. No surprises.