30 Things I Love Right Now (08/10/20)

  1. Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories
  2. The optics of Japanese cooking
  3. The sounds of Japanese eating
  4. The start of the school year
  5. My beard
  6. Particularly the gray patches
  7. My shoulders
  8. My biceps
  9. My calves
  10. The song my son listens to that goes, “I love my body the way it is!”
  11. “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones
  12.  “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins 
  13. That YouTube clip with the twenty-something twin brothers hearing #12 for the first time and flipping out in delight when it gets to the signature drum part towards the end
  14. How that changed my own perception of the song, helped me see (hear) what I took for granted about it
  15. How songs are more than a part of the soundtrack of an individual’s (or collective demographic’s) life and times, more than nostalgia or mnemonic devices
  16. When the aforementioned twin brothers heard Dolly Parton, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Johnny Cash, Nina Simone, Janis Joplin (et al) for the first time too
  17. How all culture gets buried in time
  18. How the best of us meet what we don’t know with curiosity, empathy, delight
  19. Stew beans for lunch
  20. Stew beans for dinner
  21. #17 + #18 on the very same day
  22. When, for no particular reason, my son said, “Thank you very much,” taking pains to articulate each syllable
  23. That thing I just wrote about my mom and me and the ants
  24. County Road 26 between Columbiana and Alabaster in Shelby County, Alabama
  25. My given first name
  26. The prospect of grilling hot dogs this Saturday 
  27. “Lake Marie” by John Prine
  28. Particularly the line about how the Italian sausages were sizzlin’ on the grill
  29. How weird a song “Lake Marie” is, how boldly, radically, confidently weird it is — how comfortable in its own skin that song is
  30. Getting a little more comfortable in my own skin