The Write Mindfulness Project Launches in January!

2021 has been an extraordinary year around here. Mostly for the best reasons. And even the hiccups seemed to adhere to the motto, “It could’ve been much, much worse.” So I’m excited to say it’s time. Time to amp up the Write Mindfulness Project, which is where my own creative energies have been coalescing for some time now.

I’m going to start offering a monthly newsletter in January. It’ll have prompts and creative inspiration designed to help you (and me) keep writing for the right reasons. I’m also planning a monthly vlog/podcast called Writing for the Right Reasons, in which I shine a light on a person, place, or thing that might inspire you to come into closer contact with your best creative self. There’s workshops in the works, too, and I’m getting into the one-on-one coaching game. So it’s ready-set-go time.

Hope you’ll join me. If you click here, you can subscribe to the newsletter and become eligible for discounts on editorial services, one-on-one coaching, and workshops. Plus you’ll receive a free PDF copy of Write Mindfulness: A DIY Guide to Writing for the Right Reasons. It’s got all kinds of insight on why we write, how to better balance our process and our projects, and it charts out a ten-week course of generating new material from the pre-writing phase to drafting and revising.

You can also stay tuned to the blog, which will have some good material to help get you writing for the right reasons, too.

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