Endnote No. 8

Let us find no answers and blare the single mystery you present8

8 Narrative is an essential(ly) human endeavor. It is rooted in the human mind’s capacity for learning and—vitally—memory. Its function, in other words, is both mnemonic and pedagogical, and, therefore, nearly by definition it is a sharing function. And yet we do record stories for reasons other than to simply remember, learn, and teach. In fact, it is by no means unprecedented for the human animal to record its stories without any intention of sharing them at all. There is some intrinsic value in simply documenting them: in the process of choosing, ordering, omitting, embellishing, one invents a way to mull or ruminate on the mysterious and/or unsettling aspects of the human experience. Authorship is somehow its own reward; God, after all, authored the world for no reason, or else to heal Himself of something only He could name.