30 Things I Love Right Now: 01.11.19

(1) LikeWar: The Weaponization of Social Media by P. W. Singer and Emerson T. Brooking. (2) @ilya_poet. (3) Arroz con pollo. (4) My new black shoes with zippers on them. (5) The Red Balloon. (6) Miranda July. Which is to say: (7) No one belongs here more than you. (8) “Are You the Favorite Person of Anybody?” (9) Learning to Love You More. (10) It Chooses You. (11) “The Boy from Lam Kien.” (12) Sussing propaganda, propagandists. In… (13) …this age of propaganda, propagandists. (14) Frozen broccoli with low-sodium soy sauce. (15) Oranges (still). (16) Mend by Kwoya Fagin Maples. (17) Steve Earle’s version of Townes Van Sandt’s “Copperhead Road.” (18) Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Stendak. (19) Where the Wild Things Are by Spike Jonze. (20) Redactions, that is to say. (21) St. Paul: The Apostle We Love to Hate by Karen Armstrong. (22) Lists. Still. Obviously. (23) Date night. (24) Emergen-C. (25) Elijah’s Colin Kaepernick jersey. (26) Pondering, at length, what my father, the self-professed Communist — he who literally and venomously wished ill (i.e., dread disease) upon Ronald Reagan — would have made of the fact that bona fide, unabashed Marxists (No, seriously, it’s fine: you don’t have to strike that through. We really are Marxists.) @justicedems are on the move(on.org) march in the Federal City of the good old You-Essuv-Ay. (27) How Ronald Reagan said (supposedly) “Trust, but verify,” and how that’s not really viable anymore — how you can admire and agree with someone(s) in today’s political sphere but you can surely almost never trust them, not least because verification is next to impossible. [Please see #12 + #13 above. Also #1. Also @justicedems? I mean, yes: I do love that right now. It’s energizing, enervating. We’ll see if I love it a year, two years, two decades from now…] (28) I don’t care about sports anymore. (29) Research + (30) Invention. [Hat tip: #16 above.]

One thought on “30 Things I Love Right Now: 01.11.19

  1. T.J., I’m out of breath after reading this window into how you think! So glad to see MEND mentioned twice. Maybe everyone should do one of these at least once a week to clear their minds!!


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