30 Things I Love Right Now: 02.01.19

(1) Paul Krugman. (2) Earnestness. (3) A slow cooker. (4) “The Eye of the Beholder” (The Twilight Zone, Season 2, Episode 6). (5) Wallace Stevens. (6) A haircut, long overdue. (7) A stack of new books, namely: (8) House Is an Enigma by @emmabo. (9) Every Mask I Tried On by @aliner. (10) Closed Ranks: The Whitehurst Case in Post-Civil Rights Montgomery by @fosterdickson. (11) House of Rose by T.K. Thorne. (12) Paul and Me: A Journey to and from the Damascus Road from Islam to Christ by Karim Shamsi-Basha. (13) dark // thing by Ashley M. Jones. (14) Which is to say: Alabama writers. (15) Which is to say: writing (and being) here, now. (16) Watching trainwrecks with J–. (17) Mornings with S–. (18) A good clipboard. (19) War of the Worlds. The Orson Welles version. Which is to say: (20) Fake news! (21) (Also sockpuppets.) (22) @jenafriedman. (23) @SenWarren. (24) Leafing through a book I (myself!) have written. (25) A stack of said books. (26) News of the day. (27) Responding to #26 above, in writing, because writing is how I think. (28) Valuing what I think and how I think (and what I have written). (29) Rear Window. (30) A ham sandwich.