30 Things I Love Right Now: 04.02.20

  1. Silver linings.
  2. Working.
  3. The new ritual where my son says, “Running!” when he wants me to pick him up and run around the backyard like a madman.
  4. Lost Connections by Johann Hari.
  5. Chasing the Scream by Johann Hari.
  6. Social science, generally.
  7. Also epidemiology, which is to say, I think, endeavors where numbers and narrative(s) intersect.
  8. The Sound of Music soundtrack, as bedtime ritual with S–.
  9. Chrysalis vibes.
  10. Mixed nuts.
  11. Especially, though, cashews.
  12. Opening all the windows every day.
  13. Birdsong.
  14. Breezes.
  15. “War” by Darcie Dennigan.
  16. “Emergency” by Denis Johnson.
  17. Preparing popcorn and a beverage for J– as she sits down for her afternoon puzzle hour.
  18. J– watching Tiger King so I don’t have to.
  19. Fire Cider.
  20. Four neat columns of daily temperature readings — morning, nighttime; his, hers; numbers, narratives.
  21. My cheap new red tennis shoes. Comfy.
  22. Meatless meatballs.
  23. Meatballs with meat in them.
  24. Not videoconferencing.
  25. Peppery condiments.
  26. Yes, washing my hands, as a meditative act — one in which I think about how I care for my body and my family and my fellow humans but/and also I commune with (A) the obsessive-compulsive energy that drove my father to wash his hands incessantly in any event, and (B) the ways I misunderstood that impulse in him, the ways I knowingly and unknowingly judged him for it.
  27. The usual suspects. Which is to say:
  28. A good cup of strong coffee.
  29. A good book.
  30. A little stretch of silence.


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