30 Things I Love Right Now: Wintering

(1) New work forthcoming. (2) Time to take stock. (3) Dinosaur Ultimate Handbook: The Need-To-Know Facts and Stats on Over 150 Different Species (4) The Dangerous Book for Boys (5) F I V E S (6) Sojourning, also forthcoming. (7) Clean teeth. (8) A raked yard. (9) Smoked ribs. (10) When S– says “What are you doing?” (11) Hybrid forms. (12) Divesting. (13) Reinvesting. (14) Mike Leach. (15) Rediscovering. (16) Making art. (17) Stealing time. (18) Sleeping well. (19) Reading about the Fireburn. (20) When something that was hurting stops hurting as much. (21) A good doctor. (22) A good pair of eyeglasses. (23) A good pillow. (24) Picturebooks. (25) A good pair of gloves. (26) The Dubliners. (27) Black Violin. (28) A good cup of coffee. (29) Egg bites with gruyere and bacon. (30) And a partridge in a pear tree.

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