30 Things I Love Right Now: Resolve

  1. To savor more cups of tea.
  2. To acquaint myself more fully with the work of Terrance Hayes.
  3. To acquaint myself more fully with the work of Ada Limón.
  4. To savor music.
  5. To savor silence.
  6. To savor sunlight.
  7. To make things and to savor that making more.
  8. To pay more attention to fewer things.
  9. To savor sleep.
  10. To savor sentiment.
  11. To acquaint myself more fully with the decade of my birth.
  12. To breathe through my nose and out through my mouth.
  13. To empty my lungs.
  14. To empty my belly and leave it that way a while.
  15. To walk in the rain.
  16. To fold my clothes and put them away.
  17. To tend to my home.
  18. To tend to myself.
  19. To listen to myself.
  20. To listen to my loved ones.
  21. To listen to my students.
  22. To talk even less than I already do.
  23. To sing more than I do.
  24. To write more things out by hand.
  25. To tramp in the woods.
  26. To consume less and to be present for the consumption I do.
  27. To heal.
  28. To let go.
  29. To write what myself is saying.
  30. To say what myself is saying (in as few words as possible).

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